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Premium Tint has options when it comes to skylights
We know that when skylights are installed they are installed for the added light that they bring to a room. What
we don't think of is the heat and the fading that a window on the roof can bring.
Premium Tint had 3 options for these troublesome windows
Solar Screens
These are mesh screens that are installed on the exterior of your skylights, they are easily removable for
cleaning, and last many years. These screens are optimal when access from the inside of a skylight is difficult
or when the skylight has too much of a curve so that window film cannot be applied
Our Solar Screens Block the Sun, not the View
Our Solar Screens Cut Utility Costs, Save up to 30%
Our Solar Screens Block up to 80% or 90% of the sun's Rays
Our Solar Screens Provide Added Insulation, Even In Winter
Our Solar Screens Let in Soft Light and Breezes
Our Solar Screens Provide Daytime Privacy
Our Solar Screens Stop Fading of Valuable Furnishings
Exterior Window film
This is a window film that is installed on the outside of the glass. This film comes in 3 different shades. A medium
35%, a dark 25%, and 15% the darkest most heat controlling film. This film carries a 5 year warranty
Interior Window Film
This film is installed to the interior of the window if accessible. This application has the most options of film. There
are 7 different shades available. Generally we can handle windows up to 20ft anything taller would require a scaffold.