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Global Guard Safety and Security Window Film Provides Protection Against Break-Ins and is the Best Defense From
the Dangers of Broken Glass
Global Guard security film can help to protect:
Residential buildings
Commercial buildings
Retail stores
Care facilities
School and daycare centers
Hospitals, clinics, and institutions
Restaurants, pubs, and clubs
Cottages and cabins
City centers
Government buildings
Q. Is there a film I can put on my windows to stop them
from breaking?
A. No film will STOP glass from breaking, however, it can hold the
glass in place once the window is broken.
Q. I don't like the look of security bars but I have an office
that I need protected - will security film work?
A. GlobalGard security window film ranges in thickness from 7 mil to
14 mil. The thicker the film the more secure it is and the longer it
would take for an intruder to gain entry.
Q. How does the security film work?
A. GlobalGard is a security film that is applied over your existing
glass. If the window is broken, the film holds the glass in place.
Q. Is there anything else I can do to help secure my office
A. If you have a business then you most likely will have an alarm.
Glass break detectors work very well with security film because the
alarm goes off as soon as the window is broken, but they have to
spend more time to smash through the glass and gain entry. The
intruder would then have less or no time to gain entry -- resulting in
little to no loss of property.
Q. What color is the security film?
A. Generally, security film is clear but is also available in a limited
selection of tints.
Q. I heard that security film will help in an earthquake -
A. Security film holds the broken glass together and does not allow
the glass to break into shards and rain down on people, resulting in
less injuries.