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What window film can do for your home
Reduce hot spots around windows and glass doors
Improve interior comfort
Extend the life of valuable furnishings, window treatments, valuables rugs and artwork
Reduce glare for a clear view year-round, and improve computer & TV visibility
Cut air conditioning loads and utility bills
Enhance the appearance of older buildings and complements the design of new ones Plus, our films:
Are affordable and convenient for retrofitting
Offer quick availability versus waiting for special-order tinted glass or roller shades
Are available in a wide range of styles to meet individual performance and design needs
Are insulated glass (IG) unit safe (ask for film-to-glass application guidance)
Come with a strong factory-backed warranty

Window film is the one product that starts working for you the minute it is
installed to your glass, offering benefits beyond your needs.
Window Tinting blocks
99 percent of damaging ultraviolet light and as much as 82 percent of uncomfortable solar heat, you can
experience these substantial benefits:
What residential film is not... Limousine tint! 67' Chevy low rider tint! Shiny silver nightclub tint!
Window films of today are far and beyond what most peoples imagine when thinking of window film. Gone are
the days of films that were just too dark to enjoy, bubbled, turned purple, peeled and faded under high heat.
With state of the art equipment and machinery and the latest technologies, window film has progressed into a
super high-tech process. With crystal-clear views and shades that are pleasing to the eye, window film has
evolved into a product that is everything that you think it is not!

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