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Our Anti-Graffiti film is a clear 8 mil thick, single-ply film that is applied directly over the existing, new or replacement
glass. The Anti-Graffiti film offers a surface protection system for windows and surfaces that are vulnerable to acid
etching, scratching, etc. The vandals cannot see it, so they don't know it's there.

The film is bonded by special adhesives and includes ultra violet (UV) inhibitors. Glass-taggers think they are either
scratching, etching or tagging your windows while in fact all they are tagging is the easy to remove and replace
Anti-Graffiti film. The film only costs cents compared to hundreds or thousands of dollars for new window replacement.
The crystal clear coating is one of the industry's toughest and most durable films.
The thickness of the film helps stop the glass from being defaced while allowing the vandal to think he was able to get
to the glass.

Anti-Graffiti films are used in malls, buses, subways, schools, office buildings, any glass or mirrored or smooth steel
area exposed to graffiti or vandalism.

Areas anti-graffiti film may be beneficial to you
exterior and interior glazing
any smooth non-porous surface such as glass, marble, stainless steel
windows, retail store fronts, display windows, mirrors
stainless steel elevators, lifts, escalators, bathroom stalls etc
transport applications
marble, polished concrete and building facades, malls, stairwells, bus shelters
counter tops and advertising displays

Have anti-graffiti installed on your office or storefront and avoid the visual and monetary hassles caused
by vandals